Swatch signals a summer of high energy styles in its brightly coloured SS19 collections


WatchPro needs a reminder that winter won’t last forever in these short and dark days of January, so we are grateful to Swatch for this blast of summer colour in its introduction of the SS19 watch collections.

We are also suckers for over-the-top hyperbole, particularly in relation to inexpensive plastic watches costing, so Swatches description that its spring/summer collections “all play a part in the never-ending style revolution,” was a tonic today.

The watches are grouped into three collections: Transformation, Listen to Me and Energy Boost.


Transformation uses 3D holograms so that shaps and patterns in vivid colours appear to change as the watches move. Listen to Me is a tribute to urban street style and pop art. Energy Boost is all about using punchy fruit themed colours and images to energise people. “Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are more than just a trend — they’re all about delicious results. This tasty line bolsters vitality, giving much-needed energy for the summer ahead,” Swatch says.


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