Swatch encourages the world to live free of worry and make the most of life


Swatch Group chair Nadya Hayek blames futile lock downs for global sales falling by a third last year.

She should therefore approve of a global campaign by Swatch International with a forward-facing optimistic message that people should live free of worry, make most of life and not waste a moment.


Chancellor Rishi Sunak used to say stuff like this before, presumably, being slapped down by Professor Chris Whitty.

The Swatch campaign, Time is what you make of it, is a call to action for people to make the most of their time when it comes to the big and little moments in life.

Who you spend your time with and what you do with it in a split second or over months and years makes you who you are. So, make it count, Swatch urges.

“Time is the most valuable currency for everyone. We use it every moment we are alive but never know exactly how much we are given, so how we spend  it matters”, says Bernardo Tribolet, vice president marketing at Swatch International.

“A 5-second decision can lead to a lifetime of love, and the campaign spotlights how this and several other situations play out for different individuals around the world. Our lives are a collection of moments, and Swatch ensures that the memories of a certain time in your life stay on your wrist.”

The campaign rolls out this month across Swatch social media channels and in stores to the tune of, Non, je ne regrette rien by the legendary French songstress Edith Piaf with the message that every decision we make is bound to time and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Swatch wants people to live free of worry and the weight of other people’s opinions and instead jump into the moment and fearlessly grab life’s opportunities with two hands, the company insists.

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