Swatch chooses The Louvre for latest museum collaboration


Swatch has announced that the Louvre in Paris is the next stop on its creative journey as it continues its approach of collaborating with museums.

2018 saw the brand collaborate with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the ThyssenBornemisza museum in Madrid, and the Louvre marks its third such partnership.


Four new watch models put La Joconde and other masterpieces from the Louvre’s collections in the spotlight/

With LISA MASQUEE, Leonardo da Vinci’s Portrait of Lisa Gherardini aka Mona Lisa is given a contemporary makeover, with a mirrored dial.

Full-body portraits of Marie de’ Medici and her husband Henry IV of France by Frans II Pourbus, Le Jeune from the early 17th  century come back to life with HAIRYBLUE MARY and HENRYTHEFORCE.

In line with the “dernier cri” at the French Royal Household, Marie has changed her hair color to royal blue, whereas Henry went for red hipster glasses.

he cupid of Guido Reni’s “The Abduction of Helen” made his way onto FLECHE D’AMOUR, pointing into the right direction: a red heart, indicating the day to fall in love.

The brand says it will continue its journey through the world’s art museums in 2020.

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