STORM navigates blue times with its most iconic colour


A 2004 market survey suggested that the first thing people think when you mention STORM watches (besides brushed steel and futuristic designs) are blue dials.

Nearly two decades later this remains true.

STORM has seen many changes, many colours and styles have come and gone with the winds of fashion fickle trends and over three decades in the watch business has seen STORM weather turbulent times but one thing which has been a constant has been its signature blue dial watches.

Storm storm scaled

STORM pioneered the development and creation of its multi toned blue dials.


Popular current blue watches in the STORM range include the four dial V2 Navigator with compass and thermometer, the multifunction Crusader with its iridescent photochromic glass, the dual time Avalonic and the most recent minimalist Excepto.

More blue models are already earmarked for next season to add to STORM’s already extensive range.

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