STORM blows through Europe as London-based watch business boosts exports


Many of us are back to work after summer breaks in Europe and if, like me, you cannot resist looking in the windows of every jeweller you pass, you are likely to have seen a strong showing by British watches and accessories brand STORM, which is shaping up as a great export story for its statement designs and trend-led products.

This is no coincidence, but the reward for a sustained effort by the London-based business to find fresh markets and build a broad international network of retail partners.

This summer, for example, the STORM team spent three days in Yerevan, Armenia, running a retail conference for its 50 biggest Russian retailers.


During the conference much was covered in detail including the STORM brand history, and the unique design and development processes that STORM operates.  Key brand and product information was shared with the STORM  retailers in Russia.  Plans for the forthcoming marketing campaign in major cities was presented alongside the different product categories, the company describes.

“The conference has received much positive feedback and was a key driver to opening new retailers within the territory for the brand,” STORM adds.

Germany is another key target market, with the STORM team aiming to increase the number of retailers by 18% in the country by year end.  Retailer bonus programmes have been devised to incentivise sales.

Like their luxury watch peers, STORM is also improving its story-telling and is providing retail partners with material showing the design inspirations for a number of signature pieces.



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