Spinnaker offers 20% discount at the launch of its Spence dive watch


Spinnaker, a sport watch brand distributed in the UK by Dartmouth Brands, will launch the fourth addition to its Vintage Diver range on Monday (November 28).

The Spinnaker Vintage Diver Spence, named in honour of Edward Lee Spence, a pioneer in searching shipwrecks for treasure and other underwater archaeology, will be launched with a 20% discount, taking the price down from £390 to £311 for a two week period.


The watch is made from marine grade stainless steel, a low carbon alloy that is resistant to corrosion. Its sapphire-coated lens is also hardened to stop it becoming tarnished.

The case is waterproof to 200M and insured to be impermeable.

“Our homage to a legend in the field of explorative diving, the Spence is fit with the necessities for such work, with a clear touch of vintage inspiration,” the brand says.

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