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Skeleton Concept’s bespoke creations score with Samuel Eto’o deal


Skeleton Concept is a France-based brand built on an expertise in exclusively enhancing luxury timepieces.

Offering a variety of customisations, modifications and enhancements, the Vallée De Cluse atelier works with a plethora of high-end luxury watches to bring unique designs to each customer.


Skeleton Concept says its design work prides itself on a guarantee that what a customer has on his or her wrist is truly one-of-a-kind.

According to the brand’s website, the goal of Skeleton Concept is to meet the demands of its clients with their idea of how exclusive they want their timepiece to be.

It explains: “Each project is built around a specific timeline that usually takes around 1 to 2 months, ensuring the quality of the work.

“Every Skeleton Concept bespoke creation is unprecedented, every part, piece and segment meticulously selected and assembled to perfection. We make sure that our improvements remain accurate to the timepieces and the essence of the brand manufacturer it came from.”

Adding: “Armed with years of experience from our horologists, experts in the traditional and high-art of watchmaking and cutting-edge engineering, our designs are precisely crafted. Made with techniques that provide unparalleled uniqueness so that every detail made is extraordinary, while still making sure that your timepiece remains true to its essence of luxury.”

Eto’o Concept:

As Skeleton Concept has grown, the business has not only attracted high-end watch business, it’s customer-base has also become increasingly high-end.

In telling this story, we can look no further than Samuel Eto’o, former Cameroon international, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Everton among others striker.

Seen by many as a living legend of the game, Eto’o also has a real passion for luxury watches and enjoys collecting them.

In working with Skeleton Concept on the so-called Eto’o Concept, he wanted to keep the priorities of the Daytona Cosmograph in steel with a matte black skeleton dial in the colours of his home country, Cameroon and it now is a masterpiece in the image of its owner.

On the design, Skeleton Concept explains: “The fine work carried out on the skeletonization of the movement, the result of nearly two years’ research, puts it in the worthy line of its predecessors, emblematic for more than 50 years, and preserves without comparison its status inherited from the world of motor racing among sports chronographs.”

The brand went on to detail of each individual watch is shaped and designed to measure at a customer’s request with the personalised service being carried out with the utmost precision and certification.

Commenting on the work, Eto’o himself said: “I have a great passion for exceptional timepieces, I have a acquired a multitude of watches, all different pieces, from sobriety to elegance, from classicism to extravagance, from modernity to performance, each of the pieces I have in my possession is a part of who I am.”

Adding: “The watch is the symbol of being, time the emblem of life, so I take the time to appreciate the details and refinement of watches because there is no passion that deserves to be exalted. Eto’o Concept is an unveiled part of who I am, like the matte black skeleton dial, which is in the colors of my country of origin, Cameroon.

“There are also unsuspected meticulous details that have been fashioned and remain an enigma, a mystery to the naked eye that only the owner and the horloger hold.”

While Skeleton Concept concludes with a message to potential consumers: “According to your desires and expectations you can make your request by contacting us. Please be aware that depending on demand and our limited capacity of creation of our workshop Skeleton Concept, we can respond to your request, we will do what is necessary.”

Skeleton Concept did also confirm it is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Rolex SA or any of its subsidiaries.

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