Singaporean watch business Aries Gold pitches for UK retail partners


Aries Gold, one of Singapore’s only native watchmakers, is looking to add retailer partners in the UK to its network that currently spans 32 countries including the USA, Australia and Germany.

The business was established almost 50 years ago by entrepreneur CK Woo who set out to make luxury accessible by delivering premium watches and accessories at a “radically fair” price.

Current watches retail for between $219 for Japanese quartz-based models and $419 for pieces housing Japanese automatic movements.


The business supports it retail partners with high profile collaborations that included working with Foo Fighters and Aerosmith in the past few years.

Aries Gold currently has no UK presence, although it sells direct to consumer via its website, but the company’s sales and marketing director Enyi Woo says he wants that to change this year. “We are currently looking for a retail chain store that can partner with us for a physical presence. We know there is immense potential for the brand, especially for our skeletal designs,” he tells WatchPro.


Skeletonised automatics with Japanese movements retail for under $500.


The sub-£500 price point for watches shows no signs of igniting in the UK, but Mr Woo believes the value of Aries Gold watches make them stand out.

“While our focus is on our design, we also offer superior specifications like sapphire glass and anti-reflective coating. Complex and quality timepieces like the Jolter 7008 (pictured top) at an affordable luxury price range of $ 279 will usually be priced at around $500,” he says.

Aries Gold has been designing and assembling watches in Singapore since 1970; experience that goes into delivering the highest quality at the lowest prices. “Consumers are getting more than what they pay, as we combine superior craftsmanship, quality, and complex designs into one good price for them. However we manage to do this is because many brands often do not have their own designers or even watchmakers but we have been making watches in Singapore since 1970 and have the technical expertise to do everything in-house, that is why product development can be better and prices can be controlled,” Mr Woo explains.

Any UK retail partner for Aries Gold will not be making a standing start. The business already has a following in this country on social media and has been selling watches direct from its website for several years.



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