Sincrono introduces Ralf Tech to the UK market


British wholesaler Sincrono, which is building a portfolio of independent watch brands, is introducing WRX Éditions Manufacture collections from Ralf Tech to UK retailers.

Sincrono’s other brands include Paul Picot, Perseo and Michelsen, Smoothie Watch and The Chinese Timekeeper.

Ralf Tech is a niche brand that describes itself as “independent by conviction, atypical by nature, and irreverent by spirit,” and its Éditions Manufacture watches embody this philosophy.


The limited edition timepieces will be marketed to a small number of high end retailers that appreciate the exclusivity of the brand. “It is not possible to find it in department stores, big watch chains, airports, internet websites,” the company states. “But you can find our unique timepieces at the wrist of the true horology enthusiast, passionate and informed,” it adds.

A handful of timepieces – from one-offs up to a maximum of 22 watches – will be created in micro collections under the Éditions Manufacture umbrella.

They are sold in fewer than 50 exclusive outlets world-wide, which understand the DNA of the Ralf Tech brand.

The company, based in Neuchatel, Switzerland, uses ultra modern tools to achieve precision in its complex mechanics, and artisan skills in its handcrafted finishing.

The signature piece of the Éditions Manufacture collection is the WRX Manufacture Torpedo, named in honour of a Spanish C3 submarine that sank in 1936, and featuring designs that reproduce the control panel at the back of its torpedo tube.

Combining several materials and different layers, it is completely handmade and requires more than 60 hours of work to create. It is powered by the automatic mechanical Manufacture Calibre 63 movement and retails for £8500. Only 10 will be made.


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