Searching for Rolex is a national obsession in the UK


Miami has been labeled the Rolex capital of the world for its concentration of people searching online for the brand.

A study compiled by Est1897, a pre-owned luxury watch trader based in Surrey, looks at the the number of searches every month for the term ‘Rolex’, and maps it against the city from which the search originated and the population of that city. By dividing the population of a city with the number of Rolex searches it makes, the study gets to a figure that can be compared world-wide.


Miami tops the league table with around 49,689 searches from a population of 504,439, but the top ten is dominated by British cities.

Manchester came in second, Liverpool third, Newcastle Upon Tyne seventh, Norwich ninth and Birmingham tenth.

It is worth noting, however, that huge global cities have far more searches for Rolex in total.

Singapore comes top with around 290,000 searches for Rolex in a month; Hong Kong residents made 250,000 searches and London notched up 270,000.

The UK has the most people likely to purchase a Rolex. In the country, there are 6.3 million searches made each year, more than half of the 10 million made in the US, which has five times its population.

The worldwide study looked at over 40 million yearly searches to determine which cities are searching most for the renowned luxury watch brand.


The report’s author, Est1897, is a sister company to H&T Pawnbrokers, which has 250 outlets across the UK.

Ben Jarrett from 1897 says: “Many buyers will thoroughly research which model to purchase, which explains the high search volumes which have experienced a 23% increase in the last five years. It’s interesting that Brits are the biggest lovers of Rolex, but it’s no surprise to us as it’s something we experience year on year.”

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