Schofield’s Japanese B5 is the light to the B4’s dark

In launching its new Japanese B5, Schofield has said how the Bronze B4 was only half of the story.

In launching its new Japanese B5, Schofield has said how the Bronze B4 was only half of the story.

Described as the “prettiest Schofield to date,” it features a muted, blossom coloured dial in a specially textured case which is similar in finish to traditional Suzuki or Shibuchi items.

The case back is very special indeed, traditionally made in sterling silver and glass enamel a scene of an old plum tree is visible, inspired by a Fuchū manhole cover.

Schofield is known for its complex case shape which has been improved and refined over the last decade.

This case differs from others in three ways. Firstly, the underlying machining path has been reworked to exaggerate the fingerprint left by the 5 axis CNC mill.

Secondly, it has added a radius to the bezel for a slightly softer look as well as improving dent resistance and thirdly, by offering a new media finish Schofield calls Middle-tex.

The case is stainless steel with a texture that sits between our vapour-blasted finish and the severe Brutalist finish of some rare Beaters.


Schofield went on to explain how this is the last dial with this familiar topography, hours at cardinal points including a slash-0 at 12, darts between the numbers and a minute track bordering the stepped level and colour change in the dial.

Using Super-LumiNova C3 with a bright green emission, most obvious is the luminescent ring around the outer circumference, the same can be seen on this watch’s brother the Japanese Bronze Beater B4.

The handset features its Sign-of-Life hand found on many watches and even on the Small Wall Clock, a coun-terpoise only, indicating time is passing but without the need for precision time-telling.

The hands are brushed gold and match the gold ring in the middle of the crown.

The brand has also made a little lapel pin in the same design, again in silver, for the wearers jacket.

Now, all new Schofields come with a specific pin, designed to be a summary of the watch it accompanies.

Limited to 29 pieces, the price is £3,580 including VAT with free shipping in the UK or £2,983 excluding VAT for the US, Canada, Europe and RoW.

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