Rudell the Jewellers’ goldsmith switches to producing face visors for front line workers


Terry Williams, a goldsmith at Rudell the Jewellers in Birmingham, has been supplying face shields to front line workers in his local areas after he discovered he could manufacture them using his 3D printer.

He responded to calls in early April for small businesses to help make 500,000 shields, and downloaded a template for his printer.


His first visor took around eight hours to print, so he switched to a version with a slightly coarser finish, which allowed him to accelerate production to 16 per day.

His first consignment went to his local Boots pharmacy, and since then has been supplying GP practices and care homes in his neighborhood.

Terry Williams.

“I have been making the masks for nearly a fortnight and although the design is simpler the idea is that something is better than nothing, hospitals, medical labs, care homes and GP practices are all using the masks locally now,” Mr Williams says.

He has now delivered more than 200 masks.

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