Rolex watches generate highest resale profits

Rolex watches were the most profitable for people selling luxury timepieces in 2020 via TheRealReal consignment platform.

Patek Philippe was also among the top 10 overall, a list topped by high fashion and jewelry brand Goyard, Van Cleef & Arpel and Louis Vuitton.

Rolex was number six on the list of top 10 luxury brands with highest resale value in 2020 on TheRealReal.

Patek Philippe seventh and Cartier ninth.

Top 10 brands

It is the second year that TheRealReal has released analysis of its consignment sales, and Rolex remains the platforms best performer.

Rolex 2

Five of the top 10 men’s wristwatches with the greatest year on year resale value growth were Rolexes.

Rolex watches also sold 1.1x faster than in 2019.

Most expensive watches

The most expensive watch sold on TheRealReal last year was a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5722G, which went for $117,995.

A Richard Mille RM030 came second with a sale price of $107,495.

TheRealReal is proving to be particularly popular with younger generations, with 31% of consigners defined as Gen Zers or millennials (aged 18-34).

An additional 18% were under 44.

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