Rolex reopens its biggest showroom in the world


Rolex’s largest store in the world is reopening this week.

The showroom is run by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the largest authorized dealer of luxury watches in the Middle East.

The Rolex megastore opened in 2018 in Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the world.


Rolex’s store occupies 850 square meters of retail space — almost 10,000 square feet — over three floors.

Mohammed Seddiqi, chief commercial officer for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons told WatchPro today that Dubai Mall is reopening this week, and all of its showrooms, which include monobrands for Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe and TAG Heuer, will be open.

Dubai has instructed that malls should be no more than 30% capacity, strict social distancing of needs to be observed and people must wear face masks.

Mr Seddiqi says that his staff are all trained to work safely with customers and the stores are ready with strict sanitation and distancing measures.



  1. No matter how Grande the shop I bet they still cant get me a Submariner hulk, what’s the point of all these vanity project stores opening all over the globe when none of them can supply the product or fulfil the order.

        • 100% agree the buying experience at all Rolex ADs is awful. You tell them what you want and they try and sell you something else in the premise they’re really rare or that you have to build up credit. Meanwhile you go two stores down and see the watch you want with 30% mark up that has been sold previously but never worn. The while thing stinks to the point after three years of trying I think I will spend my 7k on a brand that actually cares about its customers

        • They’ll have every single model… It is after all the largest store and in prime location. They’ll just want to make sure your not a flipper… How will they know that ? By you taking an interest in something that isn’t flippable … but wait you don’t want those as they won’t keep great value… But you insist your not a flipper.

  2. Do they have the stock? Sure they do. Do they want to sell it to you specifically? No they don’t. Why? Cos they don’t know whether you are a “flippin’flipper” that’s why.

    • Its because they will not supply the customer the flip market exsist, if they fulfil the demand there would be no flip market, you clearly have not thought it through, it is Rolex themselves who have created the flip market, why would anyone buy a flipped watch for 10 k when they can buy it from Rolex for 7k if they were made available by the manufacturer the flip market would die over night. And no I am not a flipper I furtunatly do not need to as my income is adiquit.

  3. Many dealers are selling these sports models on premium and they dont give it to walk in customers. This is all over world. Hulk and other sports models are easily available at double the price in grey market. As the production is less all dealers are taking advantage of this system.


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