Rolex defends spare watch parts ban in Oz


Rolex has defended its decision to stop selling independent Australian watchmakers watch parts as the Watch and Clock Makers of Australia report an alleged Swiss monopoly over luxury watch repairs to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

The group has accused a number of Swiss watch companies, including Rolex and Swatch Group, of creating a monopoly by banning access to parts but Rolex Australia general manager Patrick Boutellier has spoken out and claims that move is purely about quality control.


Boutellier told The Australian: “We are not looking to have a monopoly or anything like that at all. For Rolex, as a premium brand, we want to maintain the quality at the highest level. Our aim has always been that we can service the watches with acceptable delivery times and prices, so there is no need for us to further extend our network of watchmakers."

Rolex Australia has 12 watchmakers working in house that carry out repairs on its watches.



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