Rolex and Patek specialist Prestons hosts Frankenstein-themed fireworks for customers in Cheshire


Selling luxury watches these days is all about providing a memorable experience.

In addition to serving champagne or mocktails to customers trying on the latest Rolex and Patek Philippe timepieces, authorised dealers spend thousands of pounds on exclusive in-store events and all-expense paid trips to top sporting events, entertainment and manufacture visits.


Prestons in Wilmslow, Cheshire, has taken a slightly different approach — providing a night of entertainment on Bonfire Night for the whole town.

The tradition has been going on for several years, with different themes used to keep it fresh every year.

This year, the company’s managing director Karl Massey decided to introduce the fireworks from the roof of his Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe boutique with a Bride of Frankenstein play.

The results, filmed by Ray Robinson in the crowd, are something to behold.

Discover Prestons:

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