Roger W Smith to deliver the annual George Daniels Lecture tomorrow


Dr Roger W Smith OBE will deliver City University of London’s annual George Daniels Lecture tomorrow (November 27) with a presentation entitled The Development of the Mechanical Wristwatch.

Dr Smith worked closely with Mr Daniels until his death in 2011, and widely considered the greatest British watchmaker of his generation.


Along with his commercial work making a highly limited number of watches from his Isle of Man studio, Mr Smith has become a passionate advocate for bringing watchmaking back to the UK.

“English watchmakers have contributed around 75% of all the inventions which make a modern mechanical wristwatch function, so consequently there is a latent interest in a resurgent and broader ‘British’ sector. There is also a particular aesthetic to British watches; they tend to be a little understated and, increasingly, I think we’re seeing a return of that spirit of practical invention. As such, and in particular at the premium end, there is a real place for British watchmakers in the global market. It’s actually a very exciting time,” Dr Smith says in an interview promoting the George Daniels Lecture.

“Our history has been full of innovators and my own approach is to constantly strive for better performance and greater efficiency. I am very excited to anticipate where other British watchmakers will take our mechanical art. Dare I say it, in the past, Britain’s ability to innovate was rarely matched with entrepreneurial skill and that’s hopefully where the next phase of Britain’s watchmaking sector will have learned lessons, so that we can match our skill with strategy to assure a healthy future,” he adds.

To attend the 2019 George Daniels Lecture, please register using this weblink.

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