Robert Loomes climbers survive Everest avalanche


A Royal Ghurka Regiment team climbing Everest have all survived the devastating avalanches triggered by this weekend’s earthquake in Nepal.

The team is raising money for The Mountain Trust and The Gurkha Welfare Trust, and are being supported by Robert Loomes, who has provided special watches for the expedition.

Captain Gale, who is heading the Everest mission, managed to contact the UK following the deadly avalanche that killed at least 18 people at the Base Camp, to confirm that everybody is unharmed.

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A special web site tracking the expedition reports:

“All the team are alive, including their sherpas. The main team were on the upper slopes. They have now made their way back down to Camp One, above the avalanche, at 6000 meters, where they are well provisioned. Communications are severely limited for now.

“The team spent much time working out their route between Base Camp, 5300m and Camp One, 6100m. They used both ariel photography and maps to plan how to cross the Kumbu iceflow, in negotiation with the highly experienced Nepali "ice doctors".

“The avalanche has destroyed the route and they will have to take their time in working out a way back down before considering if they are able to continue the expedition.

“Base Camp is badly damaged and communications are next to impossible. We will keep you up to date as it happens.”

Dramatic footage of the avalanche hitting the Base Camp has emerged today. Newspapers are reporting that helicopters are rescuing climbers from locations above Base Camp, but the rescue is being hampered by the high altitude.

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