Renata batteries keep millions of the world’s watches ticking


Swiss quality and relentless reliability have been making watches with Renata batteries tick since the 70’s. And Surjit Singh and Amarjit Kaur Minhas, founders of Renatex, feel fortunate to have been supporting Renata in the UK since then too – a partnership spanning five decades. 

Their energy fuels diverse products including watches, consumer electronics, RFID and beacons, as well as medical devices and sensors. As one of the world’s leading battery producers, Renata provides around one million coin cells a day to customers in over 140 countries. Its 0% mercury silver oxide coin cells have set an industry benchmark and significantly raised the bar through modified materials and advanced production technologies.

Across the broad portfolio of silver oxide, lithium and zinc air batteries, the selection is huge. In silver oxide, the offering focuses on the differentiation between high-drain and low-drain cells, vital in meeting the high technical demands of the watch sector. This market success is further energized by close collaboration between Renata and the development arms of Swiss made quartz watch manufacturers. In close collaboration with Tissot, for example, Renata recently developed the rechargeable lithium coin cell, named “ICR 2430” for the new Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar Smartwatch. The battery’s highlight is its long autonomy – the battery, combined with the solar energy, must be charged only every 6 months.


At the same time, Renata’s engineering team has recently designed, developed and integrated a new state of the art, high performance, silver-oxide production line. This investment offers many advantages, such as highly increased production capacity, flexible planning, full traceability and complete inspection of each individual cell.

Over the decades, the Renatex team, now led by daughter Polly Minhas, have learnt a few things from their Swiss colleagues too; sometimes this experience has come in use in the most unexpected ways. Towards the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Renatex was fortunate enough to be able to assist front line key workers with their PPE needs in an ad-hoc way.

Unexpectedly, they discovered that their Swiss-like razor sharp focus on product quality and assurance proved particularly useful in helping organisations, large and small, avoid the pitfalls of procuring sub-standard, and in many cases falsely certified product, that does not provide the protection it claims.

“It’s been a privilege to make some small contribution to the national effort in protecting our most vulnerable and heroic members of society. As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited organisation, and members of the British Safety Industry Federation (the national association for PPE) as well as the NAJ, we look forward to supporting organisations with PPE as long as it is required,” says director, Herinder.

Renatex serves the independent retailer with Renata batteries through its long-established distribution network, including leading material houses and wholesalers, who offer great support and terms for all sizes of orders. Watch brands and larger retail groups are served both by the distribution network and directly.

“If there’s anything we can be of service with, please do get in touch. You might be a retailer considering Renata batteries; we can help signpost you to our genuine distribution network. You may need PPE to support your business, or you may just want to have a chat about the life and times in our lovely industry. We’d love to hear from you,” adds fellow director, Bhupinder.

For further information please contact Renatex, the UK’s Primary Distributor of Renata Batteries: www.renatex.com. For help with quality assured PPE, please visit www.renatex-ppe.com. T: 0121-233-9999. E: info@renatex.com



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