QUARTZ WATCHES OF THE YEAR WINNER: Sekonda Men’s Stainless Steel Ref.1490 on mesh

Sekonda 1490

No watchmaker shifts more units in the UK than Sekonda. It is also a great British story because the once-Russian business is owned by Time Products, which designs all the watches at its Leicestershire headquarters.

Other glossy watch magazines might look down their noses at sub-£100 watches flying off the shelves of H.Samuel, Watch Shop, Amazon, Argos and hundreds of other retailers, but WatchPro is wowed by the attention to detail that ensures fashionable yet timeless design, reliable build quality and slick logistics that means the watches are always as fresh as daily bread when they reach retailers and their customers.

The fact that this can be done for watches often costing less than £50 is all the more remarkable and noteworthy.

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In some ways it is the Time Products and Sekonda business that we admire as much as any individual timepiece, but this is Watches of the Year, so we have picked out this Men’s Steel piece, which at £99.99 epitomises the value for money you get with this brand.

It is bristling with functions and has a high end finish that makes it feel like a piece costing four times as much.

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