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Q&A: Redd Retail Group again partners with WatchPro Awards

Redd Retail Group director Karl Turnbull presents the Marketing and Merchandising Team of the Year Award to Breitling's Chris Park, head of UK sales, and Gavin Murphy, UK managing director, at the 2017 Awards.

Retail display specialists Redd Retail Group has confirmed its sponsorship of the WatchPro Awards for the fifth consecutive time.

Having sponsored the inaugural event in 2016, the company has continued to align itself with the Awards, seeing the value in the networking opportunities and the overall prestige.


WatchPro spoke with Karl Turnbull, Redd Retail Group’s director about how business has been going and why he sees the WatchPro Awards as such a key part of the company’s marketing strategy.

WatchPro (WP): How have things been going for Redd Retail Group since the WatchPro Awards 2019? How did government lockdown policy affect business?

Karl Turnbull (KT): The pandemic created some interesting times for Redd Retail Group. Our company entered 2020 with great projects on order, coupled with momentum created from a successful 2019, we were in a good position. From the end of March 2020 the UK stopped overnight and the following three months for our UK business was very tough.

Fortunately, our USA business continued to thrive and our group manage to grow the business throughout that year, this has continued well into 2021. Our UK business picked up from October 2020 and I can happily say that this has continued to grow as planned too. At the moment our Hong Kong division is our only weak link, but we are expecting this to pick up in early 2022.

WP: To what extend have the last 18 months made you and your team realise how important personal, face-to-face relationships are?

KT: We all know what a lifeline the Zoom and Teams calls have been, everyone structured their business quickly to work with the technology and made the adjustment a success. But I know from conversations with clients, it just does not replace that personal touch and involvement you have from working closely with your customers. Our business has grown over the years by being part of the brand’s team, developing successful relationships and great friendships that date back with some clients over 18 years.

WP: How important it is it that the UK watch industry can finally come together again for an evening of celebration and overdue catch-ups with peers and colleagues?

KT: We feel that this year will be very special for everyone to come together, to socialise and enjoy some downtime and laughter. The WatchPro Awards provides a great platform to do just that and to celebrate the successes by all, considering how challenging the world has been for all over the last 18 months – it’s time to live with Covid and enjoy life again!

WP: What is it about British watch companies that made you want to align yourself with them as the sponsor of that category?

KT: It is very easy to smooth over what British watch companies actually produce and achieve. We have a wealth of talented people with fabulous vision and determination to design, produce and bring to market some really great products. Redd Retail Group are proud to be British and proud to support the British watch companies that really do look to make a difference and go that extra mile!

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