Q&A: Aspin extols the benefits of its iPad ordering & e-commerce website

Doug Aspin

Aspin is a company that aims to help distributors take orders more effectively by using its iPad and e-commerce platforms. Sales manager Doug Mendes tells WatchPro why Aspin’s services should be of interest to all watch brands.

WatchPro: What services does Aspin provide?

Doug Mendes: Aspin has two main product offerings. PixSell is our iPad catalogue ordering app which allows brands with field sales teams to support, manage and sell to existing customers with the ability to also create and service prospect accounts.

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Our InterSell trade ordering website solution provides brands with a fully integrated trade website which allows the independent doors to place orders at their convenience; 24/7.

We also offer a service which is primarily focused on watch repairs and servicing for consumers and independent trade customers. An extension to our functionality means that Signet stores are able to raise quotes, giving head office the ability to approve or decline a repair or service. We have also developed a website which gives independent jewellers the power to purchase spare watch parts.

WP: Who is Aspin targeting with these services?

DM: We work with owners and leaders of brand-based distribution businesses across the UK and worldwide. We first joined forces with Citizen in 2012 and since then, Alpina, Bremont, Bulova, Frederique Constant, Guess and Gc have also joined us.

WP: How can PixSell improve business for these target customers?

DM: As with all projects we implement, our service is tailored to each individual brand’s needs. PixSell continues to be developed with flexible and parameterised configurations, which allows us to work for our clients and their requirements, rather than stear them to change their methods and processes to work with our software.

During the initial conversations with these brands, they often identified concerns with their sales force and merchandising teams – highlighting an inability to maximise every selling opportunity, and meet the business’ diverse call objectives.

With PixSell, we equip your sales forces with all the relevant information they need on a customer call. Gone are the days where a rep will turn up with a large travel case and multiple order sheets – our solution gives them a tool to be able to merchandise and view customer buying profiles and trends; all on an iPad.

WP: And how about with trade eCommerce?

DM: With InterSell online trade ordering, the feedback from our clients is that it solves many of their historical operational problems when it comes to presenting, selling and processing orders. Before, head office would typically receive many phone calls from customers making enquiries on the status of their account, product availability and stock levels. As with all businesses, this does put a strain on staff and resources.

Within InterSell, the users (your retailers) have their own individual logins, with access to all their customer specific information they need online. The benefit to the retailer is very apparent; integration with their suppliers’ incumbent back office or ERP system means their full customer details, including customer specific pricing and all the financials, buying profiles and trends are available in a few clicks. Presenting brands, ranges or collections on an easy to manage platform makes the user experience a more enjoyable one. The key is to let the user be self-sufficient – which in turn, brings an increase in new business opportunities. This gives more time back to the people who need it both from the perspective of the buyer and the supplier.

With this tool – our clients can expect increased visibility into customer buying behaviour and subsequently, increased turnover.

WP: How hard is it for a company like Aspin to adapt to technological advances as they come along?

DM: As a business we strive to stay informed of new technologies, as they emerge. Our team of 19 developers has a wealth of skill and experience and we are currently in the process of re-writing our iPad app in Apple’s required language of Swift. Alongside this project, we continue to release App Store updates every couple of months to the current version. The continual development of both PixSell and InterSell is influenced by our client’s needs and requirements, as we look to maintain our understanding and working relationship within the industry.

Find out more at the Aspin website HERE.

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