Private jet charter retailer opens door to watch brands


Inflight Goods, in partnership with private jet charter company Rush Jets, has been selling thousands of watches online for years, and is now looking to expand its portfolio of accredited brand partnerships.

The company has formed a close relationship with Radio Caroline over the years, which is a station that used to broadcast from a boat, and still does once a month. Inflight Goods provides the station with watches as prize giveaways, which secures them great exposure to Radio Caroline’s audience, while giving the station advertising revenue and a chance to give away expensive prizes.


Some of the watch brands that have been used in the Radio Caroline competitions include: Rotary, Timberland and Dreyfuss & Co.

“We are very happy with the response we get from sponsoring Radio Caroline North broadcasts, providing prizes for the broadcast competition, and from our advertising on the station,” said Russ Dee, director of Rush Jets. “It creates brand awareness for the watchmakers as well as our companies.”

But Rush Jets and Inflight Goods and other companies like them are finding it increasingly hard to get accredited status to sell certain brands.

“Among the reasons we have been given for not being accepted as a retailer for a certain prestigious brand of watch was that we are not selling products from a brick-built building. This is ridiculous as internet shopping is the chosen route for so many.

“While I appreciate that top brands need to promote and sell their products through quality outlets, it is disappointing that companies like ours, who sell top quality brands online, are overlooked in favour of outlets like Argos.”

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  1. It’s about time somebody stood up to the picky watch suppliers! Like Bulova citizen watches when all the jewellers are closing down! What gives them the right to sell you the product then inform you where you should sell it.

  2. It is disappointing to see that online retailers like Rush Jets are still being overlooked as credible retailers while the world is moving to online platforms. Such elitist behaviour from brands is not only going to harm their business, but it’s going to cause harm to their image.

  3. In this day and age, suppliers out there still have the audacity to be choosy about who gets to sell where? Gimme a break! Online businesses are just as credible as concrete stores, or maybe even more so and that is a FACT.

  4. Brands can in fact benefit by making their presence known in the online retail space. This mentality of preferring physical stores over online retail has led to losses for so many companies. That’s why many have changed their stand regarding this. I hope watch suppliers also follow suit.

  5. I am sick of this bigoted classist thinking! How can suppliers decide that only because some retailers don’t have brick and mortar stores aren’t as credible?! This narrow thinking is going to be their downfall.

  6. We need more online retailers that are dedicated to watches. All industries are quickly moving to the online retail space. I can hardly find the time to stop for groceries on my way home from work. Why do brands expect me to spend my time visiting their store across town? I would prefer to shop online any day, even for more luxury goods.

  7. you cannot win as. even if you have brick build building, The rep stated they had enough jewellers and they would never take us on! But they can have shops that shown rundown old shabby , they ok with that
    But how many shops closing down.or empty


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