Police release list of watches stolen in raid


Scottish police have issued an inventory of the watches worth £342,920 taken in a £1million pound armed robbery at Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh earlier this month.

A gang of three men armed with ‘various bladed-weapons’ entered the store and threatened staff before smashing display cases and making off with a haul of watches and jewellery worth more than £1millon.

Police have issued both case and movement serial numbers for the haul of eight high value Patek Philippe watches in a bid to track down the watches and make it more difficult for the thieves to move the watches on.


The Patek Philippe watches stolen include a 5164A (5767092/4658424) worth £24,610, a 7011/1G (5511944/4723839) worth £24,700, a 7010G (5567645/4741085) worth £22,070, a 7018/1A (5729067/4665817) worth £23,790, a 5159G (5684195/4561869) worth £68,340, a 5396/1G (5695066/4588782) worth £51,680, a 5940J (5696434/4607076) worth £61,530 and a 7071G (5689418/4593220) worth £66,200.

Anyone with any information can contact Police Scotland on 101 or alternatively, the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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