Patek Philippe prices will rise in February


Patek Philippe has confirmed to WATCHPRO that its prices will rise on February 1, without providing details.

Rolex and Tudor increased prices worldwide from January 1.


Audemars Piguet has said its prices have only being adjusted from January 1 to iron out differentials caused by currency movements across the globe.

Despite unprecedented demand for the hottest watches from AP, Patek and Rolex, there appears to be a collective effort to keep price rises to a minimum this year, and most brands have barely raised prices in the primary market since 2019.

Meanwhile prices on the secondary market continue their relentless rise, which in turn is driving demand even higher.


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  1. “Meanwhile prices on the secondary market continue their relentless rise, which in turn is driving demand even higher.” For all goods in all (unmanipulated) markets buyers, not sellers set prices. It is demand willing to pay a particular price which establishes it as market value, not the other way around.

    The artificial so-called secondary black market is a ruse. Manufacturers produce as many widgets as they can reasonably expect to sell, so it is more a shortage of common sense than of Swiss watches to imagine authorized dealers have been making payroll and keeping the lights on without watches to sell. The authorized Patek dealer in my city who’s salesman knows from his time working for the previous two authorized dealers I would not be buying my first or second still tried to tell me he only gets two 5740s every six months which he offers to his best customers first. Fair enough, but if that’s how many he gets it’s because Patek knows that’s how many he can sell so it’s in no one’s interest more than his own to sell more to increase that allocation.

    I’d have to be stupid to imagine he wasn’t going to call me a few weeks later after selling me one I was not looking for claiming the one I did want had just became available because the better customer who’d ordered it backed out. Eight year waiting lists? Lol new one comes out every other year there’s no way anyone would still want the eight-year-old one eight years later.


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