Patek Philippe president says Zoom calls are uncool and yearns to meet his retail partners around the world

Brian Duffy and Patek Philippe president Theirry Stern at the launch of Watches of Switzerland in New York in 2018.

Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern says zoom calls are not cool and is keen to get back out around the world meeting retail partners.

In an interview with Hodinkee’s Jack Forster, Mr Stern shows his frustration at video calls and conferences as a way to hold meetings and launch new products.

“When you have a family-owned business, people are waiting to see you. They need to see you; you are part of the brand. So yes, you do have to come back to that and we will as soon as possible. I’m also keen to travel again, to meet all the retailers. It’s not cool to talk remotely like this. I prefer to see them. It will happen, we will travel again, we will see people again. It is a must,” insists Mr Stern.


He also restates his commitment to physical trade shows including a large event in Geneva, but is also considering ways to take Patek Philippe to the people around the world.

“Physical trade shows, if we can do it in Geneva, we will, it’s something we are working on. How? It’s difficult to say,” Mr Stern admits.

“It is important for people to see things. Now the target is Geneva, if it doesn’t work, we may have to come up with another idea. Two or three events worldwide, Asia, America, Europe. I think all the brands have a plan B and a Plan C,” he suggests.

WatchPro Salon in November? Jack Forster might have asked to get a gauge on what a Plan B might look like in practice.


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