Patek exhibition attracts over 42,500 visitors


More than 42,500 visitors attended the Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition in London over 12 days in May and June.

The exhibition took over the Saatchi Gallery from May 27th offering access to an astonishing collection of watches from the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva as well as giving an insight into the history of horology and the techniques used by Patek Philippe to produce their watches.

Visitors had access to over 400 exceptional timepieces, which included more than 100 historical watches from the Patek Philippe Museum collection, and the Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175, the most complicated wristwatch ever created by Patek Philippe in 2014 – year the company celebrated its 175th anniversary.


Mark Hearn, managing director for Patek Philippe UK, said: “The Grand Exhibition hosted many people whom had heard of Patek Philippe but didn’t have a clear idea of exactly what the brand represented within the watch industry. And this magnificent event has changed it. We are extremely happy with the positive feedback from the general public, retailers and customers, and delighted by the success of the event which is proved by the amazing number of visitors who attended and enjoyed it.”


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