Pam joins Boss Watches’ H1 Club… twice


When Boss Watches launched its H1 Club and agreed to present golfers who pulled off a hole-in-one with an exclusive watch they couldn’t have seen Pat Smart coming.

The amateur golfer beat odds of 40 million-to-one in achieving not one, but two holes-in-one in a single round of golf.

The 61-year-old pharmacy assistant managed the amazing feat at the Third Captain’s Qualifier at Lytham Green Drive Golf Club, in Lancashire. The first came on the 132-yard sixth hole and one hour later Pam couldn’t believe it when she managed a second on the 13th hole.


The eleven-handicapper explained: "I had a couple of bad holes but when I hit a poor drive on 12 I just thought to myself ‘does it matter? I’ve just scored a hole-in-one!’. The 13th is around 141 yards over a pond and I hit a decent shot, which we saw land on the green. Marie was open-mouthed as we watched it and she said ‘it’s not gone in again has it?’

"I’m always glass half empty, so I walked to the back of the green again expecting to find it there when Marie said excitedly ‘it’s in the hole!’. I was very shocked."

Pam’s incredible achievement means she will be presented with two limited edition H1 Club Boss watches by the club and granted membership of the Boss Watches H1 Club. Playing in the rain meant the round wasn’t all plain sailing; Pam recorded a nine on the par four 12th hole netting 79 for the round.

Boss Watches reintroduced its H1 Club for 2014 after giving away £600,000 worth of limited edition watches to hole-in-one golfers in the UK and Ireland last year.

Stephen Brydon, commercial director for MGS Distribution, the official licenced UK distributor for BOSS Watches, said: "To the majority of amateur golfers, recording a hole-in-one will be the most memorable thing they achieve in golf – a once-in-a-lifetime experience probably – and we want to ensure they have much better memories than merely a dent in their bank balance after buying drinks in the clubhouse. The exclusive BOSS watch is available only to golfers who record a hole-in-one. It will provide a constant reminder of the achievement and also help to ensure they’re never late for a tee-time again.

"We also hope it might add a frisson of extra excitement to club competitions for golfers who may not be in with a chance of winning the event, for they know that every time they stand on the tee on a par-three, they are just one shot away from winning a stunning timepiece."


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