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Oris officially becomes a climate neutral company


Oris has been officially recognised as a climate neutral organisation by ClimatePartner, one of the world’s leading independent climate action experts.

ClimatePartner calculated the carbon footprint of Oris, its manufacturing and its workforce, taking into account carbon emissions from activities as diverse as heating its factory and commuting to work.

It has issued Oris with a certificate confirming that it offset more than 2,500 tonnes of CO2 through support of the “Clean oceans” project, run by Plastic Bank, which has stopped one billion plastic bottles entering the ocean. For each compensated tonne of CO2, 10 kg of plastic waste is collected.

On the product front, Oris sells straps made of recycled PET and sustainably sourced leather, watch boxes made of algae, and products with materials made of recycled plastic produced by ocean cleanup partner #tide.

At its headquarters in Hölstein, Oris is installing solar panels that will generate 60% of its electricity and is encouraging all suppliers and logistics partners to improve their sustainability practices.

Rolf Studer, Oris Co-CEO, has been driving the shift to climate neutral over a number of years. “A mechanical watch has a very low impact on the environment because it’s designed to last. But that’s not enough,” he says.

“As a company and as an industry, we need to build on that platform and make sure that what we do has not just a neutral impact on the environment but a positive one. We believe this is absolutely achievable and we’ll continue to spearhead Change for the Better in Swiss watchmaking through this decade and beyond.”



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