Omega suffers another blow as Bond film release postponed


First its Time to Move 2020 kick-off event in Zurich had to be shelved.

Now this year’s James Bond blockbuster No Time to Die has been kicked back to November.


Only cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games would knock its Official Timekeeper more.

This is truly an annus horribilis for Omega and its parent organisation  Swatch Group, which sells over half of its luxury watches to Chinese customers across the world.

Producers of the 25th Bond movie say they had moved the release of No Time To Die from April to November after “careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace”.

Omega has already announced the release of two Bond-themed watches this year, both of which have strong pre-sales, according to retailers speaking to WatchPro.



The knock-on effect is for other Omega watch sales because, in the same way that a shortage for Rolex steel subs drives demand for other models, knowing that that there will be waiting lists for Bond’s Seamaster pulls punters into stores.

Retailers will also have been looking forward to striking windows and premiere screenings for customers around the launch of No Time to Die. That activity will now have to wait until November.

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  1. What an apt title for the new Bond film! “No Time to Die”. Unfortunately, you write as though the world revolves around watches, thank goodness it doesn’t. Life is precious, the world is in a precarious situation and this is a difficult time for so many, it is not the time to be crying about the luxury watch market situation. Watches are a luxury item for the fortunate few in this world, please consider the many and not the few when you publish these woeful articles.

    • The situation surrounding the Corona virus is no doubt a serious one. in 2018, about 60,000 Americans are thought to have seccumned to influenza strains that year alone, so it is best to keep things in perspective. The media has done it’s best to push apocalyptic bylines and stories, and governments as usual are swift to both react and overreact. While the infection and death rate in China are a threat to the world, quarantine is the only method available at this time to prevent its spread. People are prone to emotional over reaction to a relatively minimal threat. That does not mean the world simply stops. People have to go on with their lives, while exercising prudent caution and a great deal more hand washing, as well as other daily practices.

      Your comment indicates that you prefer to worry about something that truly does not pose a major threat to most populations. The rest of us pursue our own interests and enjoy life. Life, after all, is for living. If you want to worry about a potential global threat, you only need to look at almost every nation’s financial systems, central banking, pensions, etc. National currencies, the stability of the banking system as a whole, not to mention social stability and cohesion are at risk. If a currency or banking system fails, you won’t have to worry about Corona, you will have to worry about getting enough food to eat, and maintain health for both you an your family. This is not the place to comments such as yours. Although we respect your views and opinions, please share them elsewhere.

  2. I am sure few had thought about the implications highlighted by Mr Clarke
    I am shocked at the realisation of what this could mean to families suffering
    and feel emotional about it

  3. The watches are out now at Omega. Boutiques. I have seen and handled both. The No Time to Die titanium Seamaster is superbly well done and the bracelet is amazing. There is a waiting list for both watches and that is only likely to continue. There are also three other version of the OHMSS watch available – a set of two, one in yellow gold and the other in stainless steel together in a briefcase presentation box with additional straps and a bracelet for the stainless steel watch. Both have the Cal.8806 no date version of the Cal.8800 from the standard Diver 300M. Cost is around £32000 for the set. The other version is essentially the same as these two but in platinum on a black leather strap and costs around £42000.

  4. Does the postponement of the olympics now mean these limited speedmasters for Tokyo 2020 will go up or down in price? I’m trying to pick one up but not sure if I should wait or not…


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