Obaku breathes life into fashion watch sales for independent jewellers


Independent jewellers in Wexford and Exmouth, both of which took a punt on Obaku watches ahead of Christmas, say that their experiment with the brand was a big win.

Frank Hynes, owner of Hynes Jewellers in Wexford, says Obaku was an instant hit. “We are absolutely delighted and astounded with the response we have had to the Obaku watches in such a short space of time,” he describes.

“We received our initial order in late December 2017 and our area rep Patrick McHale very kindly was on site to merchandise our new watch unit the Tuesday before Christmas. We received in sixty one watches initially and I was a bit worried as we only had from Tuesday to Christmas Eve on Sunday to make some sales. I’m delighted to report that in those six day we sold an incredible 31 watches and we hadn’t even had time to advertise them,” he continues.

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In an era of declining fashion watch sales, the success of Obaku was particularly welcome for Hynes Jewellers. “This level of unprecedented sales was a real eye opener here in our family business and we certainly look forward to a very bright and rewarding future with these amazing Obaku watches into the future,” Mr Hynes states.

Paul Ashby, owner of Crane Jewellers in Exmouth, says he enjoyed similar success, and reveals that Obaku outsold Citizen, Seiko, Lorus and Rotary to become the company’s best performer over the Christmas trading period.

Leon Rhodes, country manager for Obaku, says that 2018 will be even better for the Danish brand’s partners thanks to upcoming marketing activity. “We are just launching Facebook/social media campaigns to increase brand awareness in the UK,” he says.

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