Nixon lets design team loose for summer collection


Nixon’s design team has distilled their visions of summer into a new collection of watches and fashion accessories that they would love to wear as they travel, relax and enjoy their favourite holiday pastimes.

First up is The Tangent, a bombproof beast featuring G10-glass-reinforced laminates for the extreme or water sport enthusiast.

The Paradise Collection brings together rich textures with scorching bolts of vibrant colour and bold pattern reminiscent of a tropical island.


The brand gets a little wild and raw with The Modern Tribe Collection and adds another layer to our arsenal of petite-styling watches with the introduction of The Kenzi Wrap.

“This season we set our sights on details that stand out, all with effortless style and ease. The common theme tying all the new together is the selection of quality materials and attention to detail found in every piece that bears our mark. It’s a season of change. Welcome to the new,” the company states.

Nixon will be presenting is summer collection for the first time in the UK at the London Watch Show from July 6-7. Click here to register.


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