New watch brand offers tourbillon timepieces for £1,700


New watch brand Astbury & Kent has designed a range of watches with a tourbillon movement sourced from the Far East.

Founder by Terrence Ray Flores and Tom McCulloch, who have both worked in the watch industry for a number of years.


The pair have described how and why they were inspired to create Astbury & Kent: “We love the idea of people unboxing their new watch and being commented on by friends about their new Astbury and Kent timepiece on their wrist,” they said. “You just cannot beat the new watch feeling!

The brand has been raising money on Kickstarter and has presented three variations of the Stellaris collection, which is designed by Flores. He says that he was inspired in the design of the collection by colour schemes often found in British luxury vehicles.

The watches come with a two-year warranty and its ‘early bird’ prices start at £1,700 and go up to £2,900.

The brand says that this particular fundraising campaign has met its goal but will officially end on Wednesday 12 June.

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    • Hi Tom,
      Just unboxing my AK735B with 001/295 engraved on it. What a beautiful time piece. And my special thanks to Terrence Ray with his prompt support for all the documents needed for customs purposes. Can’t wait to see your next creation.


  1. Really cool design, would love to be the owner of one of these watches. Congrats guys on a lovely looking watch.

  2. Very nice indeed. A nice balanced design. The colour choice with the strap is real class and luxurious. …smart.


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