New Ulysse Nardin Blast watch forged in fire and ice


Ulysse Nardin’s latest timepiece, Blast, comes in four models and draws inspiration from the earth’s most extreme environments.

The brand describes the “fire and ice, magma and glaciers, violent lava eruptions and cascading ice shelves” that inspired the new 45mm release.


Light penetrates the open-worked body of the Blast watch, modeled on the aesthetics of stealth aircraft,  while some Ulysse Nardin trademarks remain: the rectangular frame, the three-horned signature fixing the strap, the smooth, colored bezel, the verticality of the movement.

The Ice models of the Ulysse Nardin Blast come in white and blue, while the Fire options are rose gold or black.

Each comes with the new manufacture UN-172 movement with an automatic tourbillon and the new self-deploying buckle.

Several strap options are available: structured rubber, leather, velvet and others. They also offer owners water resistance to 50m and a 72-hour power reserve.

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