Mr Jones unveils Observatory


Mr Jones has unveiled its latest solar system-inspired watch which reveals the time using the position of a sun and moon on the dial rotating around an image of Earth.

The limited edition Observatory is the latest watch from London-based Mr Jones with the sun representing the hours between 6am and 6pm and the moon representing the hours between 6pm and 6am. A rotating golden comet displays the minutes.

The design is based on the sun and moon pocket watches first produced in England in the 17th Century, an era before the standard hour and minute hands were established as a universal standard.


Crispin Jones, Mr Jones founder, explains: “With this design I wanted to explore a different aesthetic – the photograph of the earth seen from space is printed as a four colour separation, something we’ve never tried before. It was a really special moment when we laid down the fourth colour and the image suddenly came to life!

“The exciting thing about doing production here in London is that it allows us to experiment with different techniques and processes, so we can really push the design side in new and unexpected ways”.

Limited to 100 pieces and individually numbered, Observatory is printed and assembled at Mr Jones’ London workshop and retails at £160.


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