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MoonSwatch price settles below $1,000 as Swatch promises enough supply for everybody

People are still paying triple retail prices to jump the queue for the new MoonSwatch.

On the day of its launch, Saturday, March 26, eBay UK saw searches for Omega and Swatch’s MoonSwatch increase over 256%, with 1 search happening every 6 seconds.

The watch was the 3rd most searched product across the whole of eBay UK on Saturday, the company tells WATCHPRO.

Almost a week after the launch, the mania has subsided, particularly since people are now realising that the MoonSwatch is not a limited edition and shops will be continually resupplied.

Swatch Group even went as far as issuing a statement saying everybody who wants a MoonSwatch will get one.

Until then, the secondary market remains the only place to find the watches.

Prices have dropped throughout this week, and appear to be settling at around £600, still almost three times the retail price of £207.

American trading platform StockX says the MoonSwatch is the best-selling watch release in the company’s history.

In a note shared with WATCHPRO, StockX says it had nearly 2,000 trades of the Swatch x Omega collection in less than a week with the highest premiums StockX has ever seen in the watch category.

Since March 26, the average Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch has traded for an average price of $900, or 250% above retail, with prices ranging from $816 – $1,040.

The Swatch x Omega Bioceramic Moonswatch Mission to the Moon is the best-selling item of the collection thus far. The watch most closely resembles the real Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, and is currently averaging $995 per sale, nearly quadruple its original retail price.

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The “Tiffany” blue Swatch x Omega Bioceramic Moonswatch Mission to Uranus is the most vaulable, with an average price of $1,040 being paid.

Sc01 22 bioceramic moonswatch uranus ambiance
Mission to Uranus.

Similar to eBay, on March 26, “Swatch Omega” was a top 10 search term on StockX.

More people searched for “Swatch x Omega” than classic sneaker and streetwear terms like Yeezy 350, Jordan 11, and Supreme.

Over the weekend after the Swatch x Omega release, the Swatch collab was the #2 top-traded collab on StockX, just behind the Nike Air Max x Concepts release, which coincided with Nike Air Max Day.

StockX says it expects trade volume to increase even further once Swatch x Omega is released online.

“The increased supply will likely drive down resale prices, though we expect to see significant long-term price premiums given the extraordinary demand for this collab,” the company predicts.

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