Mondaine promises to grow Luminox after completing its acquisition of the brand


Mondaine Watch Ltd’s owners have completed the acquisition of all shared in Luminox.

Brothers Ronnie and Andre Berheim already owned half of Luminox, but bought the remaining 50%, along with the company’s US distribution business from its founder Barry Cohen.


Mondaine believes it can take the Luminox brand further now that it has complete control.

“We have great concepts and products under development which we strongly believe will take the brand to a much higher level, even with the difficult nature of the industry at the moment, said Andre Berheim.

The first look at the fruits of the new Luminox will be seen at Baselworld, where the company is building its own pavilion adjacent to the main exhibition.

Rather than exhibiting inside the  event hall, Luminox promises to surprise and delight visitors with a specially-designed space some one hundred meters (300 feet) away from the Baselworld building, the company describes.

Bowing out from running Luminox, Mr Cohen, who created the company in 1989, expressed no regrets. “I founded Luminox in order to introduce self-powered illuminated watches to consumers. I take great pride in having achieved something rarely accomplished, producing truly recognised as the best in class. I wish both Andre and Ronnie great success in taking Luminox forward,” he said.

Moving forward, the company says the primary goal will be to continue to grow Luminox worldwide in conjunction with distributors on all continents and supply this rugged Swiss-made watch collection with constant night visibility to people involved in pleasure and extreme outdoor activities.


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