Mob of four found guilty of killing a man for his Rolex watch

Steven McMyler (photograph provided by family).

Four men who was kicked a man to death before stealing his £11,000 gold Rolex watch have been convicted of manslaughter.

Rolex and other luxury watches have become tradeable assets for casual criminals and organised gangs, and police are stressing that dealers should be extremely careful to check any watches offered to them against registers of stolen goods.


The fatal attack took place on August 6 last year in the grounds of Wigan Parish Church, with four assailants attacking Steven McMyler (pictured top) after he refused to hand over his Rolex Submariner watch.

One of them, Lewis Peake, had been drinking with Mr McMyler earlier in the day.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Mr Peake, 29, convinced Michael Wilson, 20, and two teenagers, aged 14 and 17, to rob Mr McMyler, which led to his death.

Mark Ford QC, prosecuting, said the defendants did not intend to kill Mr McMyler but “certainly did not hesitate to use violence as a group”.

Mr McMyler later died in hospital.

All four defendants have been found guilty of manslaughter, with each found responsible for deliberately helping or encouraging the attack.

They were also found guilty of conspiracy to rob. The watch has not been recovered.

Sentending will take place on 11 June.

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