Mickey Mouse football watch launched by Bulgari as World Cup kicks off in Qatar


Bulgari paid CHF 37.6 million back in 2020 to acquire Gerald Genta SA and Daniel Roth SA, which gave the LVMH-owned jeweller and watchmaker rights to use many of Mr Genta’s iconic designs, including his character-based timepieces like Mickey Mouse watches.

The year after the acquisition, Bulgari unveiled its first Genta-inspired watch, the Smiling Mickey piece.

Today, in the first week of the Qatar World Cup, Bulgari has revealed its second Mickey Mouse watch, and this time the Disney character is playing keepy-uppy with a football on the dial.

The watch has retrograde date and minutes and a jumping hour powered by Bulgari’s BVL300 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

The 41mm polished steel watch has a mother of pearl dial with Mickey looking like he is either about to head the ball or go for a more spectacular overhead kick, depending on the position of his hour and minute hand arms.


Bulgari is making just 200 of the watch.

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