Meistersinger sends sustainability message through its Perigraph Planet Earth


Meistersinger is giving an outer space-eye-view of our rock in its latest watch, the Planet Earth, created to support the World Wide Fund for Nature, one of the world’s leading nature conservation organizations.

For every watch of the 500 made and sold, Meistersinger and its business partners will waive an equal share of €200, which will be donated to WWF as direct support.


Meistersinger aims is to send a message that people need to work towards a sustainable economy and the considerate use of our planet’s resources.

The mission is personal to Meistersinger founder Manfred Brassler, who is inspired by his home town of Münster where cycling is more common than driving among its parks and green spaces.

“The people of Münster really want to make a difference,” Mr Brassler says.

The watch makes its own contribution to sustainable living in the form of a vegan watch strap made of apple fiber and environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable packaging.

The company says the strap and packaging will be rolled out across its watch collections.

Meistersinger Planet Earth is based on the Perigraph watch with its circular open date disk and hours/minutes track surrounding the earth in the jet-black of space an astronaut would see looking back at their home planet.

The watch uses Sellita’s SW400 in a 43mm case on display through a glass case back decorated with the WWF logo.

It goes on sale at the end of October priced at £1,990.

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