Meistersinger issues 366 watch to mark 2020 as a leap year


MeisterSinger’s Edition 366 takes its name from the fact that 2020 is a leap year with 366 days.

Not that the additional day of February 29 will both owners of the watch, since it does not have a date display and shows the time, as always with Meistersinger, with just a single hour hand.


The German watchmaker has a different relationship to time than most, believing that fixating on every minute and second is an emotional drag on life.

It prefers to think in longer arcs of time, which is why the Edition 366 is designed in the style of an early 19th century pocket watch.

A slight contradiction to the philosophy is the use of a finely divided minute scale on the outer edge of the white opaline dial, which might have people obsessing over whether the single hand is perfectly keeping time.

The 43mm stainless steel watch houses a Unitas 6498-1 hand wound movement.

It is a limited edition, with only 100 being made.

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