Meistersinger has removed seconds and days of the week from its timekeeping vocabulary


First Meistersinger removed seconds hands from its timepieces as a way to change people’s relationship with time, now it is eschewing days of the week.

Its latest Urban Day Date keeps time as accurately as any other watch housing a Miyota 8285 automatic movement, but it displays that time in hours, days of the month and a window at 12 o’clock that scrolls through seven translations of the word ‘today’ instead of the usual Monday to Sunday.


MeisterSinger mechanical watches show the time with great precision and in an unusual way. And that with good reason as they are designed to concentrate on the essentials. They display what is important to the wearer in a way that corresponds to his perception of time,” the German watchmaker says.

Monday is today; Tuesday is heute, German for today; Wednesday is the French aujourd’hui; Thursday displays as the Dutch vandaag; Spanish hoy is Friday; Italian oggi is Saturday and hodiau, an Esperanto word, is Sunday

Each day at midnight, the display moves to the next language and correctly shows a new today.

“The message is clear: It reminds us that nothing is as important as today – the here and now – and that the wearer of the watch shouldn’t allow himself to be hurried by the passing of time, but should enjoy experiencing and making good use of the present moment,” Meistersinger advises.

The 40mm steel watch is priced at €1,100. It is a limited edition of 100 pieces that goes on sale this month.

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