Maurice Lacroix creates stylish educational videos


Maurice Lacroix’s latest advertising and communications campaign aims to provide an educational showcase of its watches, their complications and how they work.

The campaign is presented as a series of eight videos, with accompanying photography. It has three stated objectives, the watch brand explained to WatchPro:

First, to be informative. The videos emphasise how the watches work and explain how to use the various functions such as winding, time and date setting, etc.


Secondly, as training aids for retailers and wholesalers. The videos will be sent to the brand’s points of sale to allow sales forces to become perfectly familiar with how the pieces they present work.

Thirdly, to reinforce the brand’s image via the quality presentation of the videos and photography.

“In these eight videos, lasting from one to two and a half minutes, the brand’s key timepieces are presented and handled. With the help of a voice-over and a montage of close-ups and wide-angle shots, emphasised by graphic inserts, the functions of each watch are clearly explained.

“One of the innovative features of these videos is their unique framing, a subjective view that only shows the hands, watch and its decor, so that viewers may easily imagine themselves wearing the watch on their wrist and understand the functions of the product. Furthermore, this immersive view presents the watches from original and natural angles, enhancing the smallest details of Maurice Lacroix’s precision expertise,” the company explains.


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