Manchester City stars reward backroom staff with Rolex wristwatches

Submariner Date

The office institution of Secret Santa gifts normally leads to gifts of chocolates, novelty socks and — in the case of WatchPro — a book on parenting written by a fellow editor.

Things are a little different at Manchester City, one of the world’s richest football clubs, where players had a whip round to buy several Rolex watches for backroom staff as a thank you for their help in winning the Premier League in 2017-18.

According to The Sun, the squad raised enough money to buy several £7000 Rolex Submariner timepieces as a reward for their hard work during the last two seasons.


The watches were engraved on the back with “Centurions 2018”, a reference to the record-breaking 100 points Manchester City amassed  to win the league.

The Sun says that the Rolex Submariners were 40mm models in steel and yellow gold Rolesor (priced at £10,350), making the gifts from the Manchester City all the more remarkable because of the current drought of all Rolex men’s sports models around the world.


  1. The money raised could have been used for a better cause such as helping the poor in the 3rd world countries instead some one walking around with thousands of pounds worth of wathes on their wrist, where their are mothers who can’t feed their children and turning to prostitution to feed them, orphan kids on streets beaing abused and etc.


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