Luxe Watches sponsors WatchPro Awards for second time

Citizen won the Sales Team of the Year award at the 2018 event, presented by Nick Hickey from Luxe Watches.

Luxe Watches has been confirmed as a sponsor of this year’s WatchPro Awards, an association that the company hopes will cement its place as an increasingly viable and mainstream luxury retailer.

Nick Hickey, director at Luxe Watches, is looking forward to connecting with old friends and new in the trade.


“It’s quite emotional to be able to connect with the industry as a whole again. We have all felt this isolation and it’s so overdue!” Mr Hickey said. “It’s a perfect fit for us, we are really pleased to be able to show our support to the industry and hopefully have a good night out for the team.”

Mr Hickey reflects on the tough last 18 months, while also being very optimistic about the future for Luxe Watches, on the back of opening its new store in Epping.

“We’ve evolved massively, initially the uncertainty of trade post Brexit pushed us to reflect on our strategy as a whole. Technology wise, we invested in a new website, we created tools to encourage more clients to sell their watches to us or “with” us,” Mr Hickey continued. “The new retail space was slowly being built while everything was locked down and we feel as though it’s chapter two for Luxe watches.

“We couldn’t wait to get into the store and see our clients face to face. We love our customers popping in, having a look and a chat – we’ve got beers, coffees and hopefully upstairs will become an event space with a fully stocked bar!”

Luxe Watches is sponsoring the Volume Watch Brand of the Year category, a decision that Mr Hickey explained. “Our new store is a stunning space, and we have space for multiple product lines. We introduce jewellery in the lead up to Christmas but would also like to be able to stock a more mid and entry level product so this would be our way of showing support and opening those conversations.”

To buy tickets for the WatchPro Awards on 11 November at 8 Northumberland Avenue, click HERE.

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