Louis Erard rolls out blockchain-based loyalty programme


Louis Erard has joined a growing list of Swiss watchmakers using blockchain technology to protect its watches and add value for customers.

The independent maison is using a blockchain-based solution from qiibee that gives customers who buy Louis Erard products with loyalty points that can be exchanged for rewards.


The loyalty program is run through a Louis Erard branded app where customers can track their transactions and pick rewards such as unique experiences, VIP discounts and airline miles.

The collaboration with qiibee is designed to accumulate data as the watchmaker gets closer to its customers.

“Loyalty is a key element in any direct to consumer strategy. Thanks to qiibee’s plug-and-play loyalty programme, we found the right way to reward our customers, offer them exclusivity and reinforce our brand strategy,” says  Manuel Emch, strategic advisor at Louis Erard.

Gabriele Giancola.

Gabriele Giancola, CEO of qiibee, says the luxury watch industry is ripe for loyalty programmes based on blockchain.

“We are excited to see loyalty-on-the-blockchain enter the luxury market and to help celebrate the personalized and deep engagement between Louis Erard and its fans across the globe, now viable through our proprietary solution. Working with Louis Erard has been amazing, and we look forward to what this partnership will be able to bring to life.”

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