Lifesaving Bremont Supermarine stays above water while Seiko bakes up a tasty new dial


Bremont’s new Supermarine 500 timepiece is designed to be the ultimate sailing watch, which is why it is waterproof to a depth of 500 metres.

But the British watchmaker thinks that the ultimate waterproofing is achieved when a watch does not get wet in the first place, which is why it has introduced a new inflatable strap.

“Should you take an unscheduled tumble into the briny, simply pull the tiny ripcord, the strap will inflate, keeping your watch safely above the water,” Bremont says.




“So when Air Sea Rescue finally grab your hand and haul your exhausted, shivering body from the ocean, the first thing they’ll see is your beautifully pristine Supermarine 500.”

The launch, embargoes until this morning, has no official launch date, but interested customers can discover more by emailing ari.follop@bremont.com.

In related news, Seiko has announced that its expert dial makers have built on the use of innovative materials such as porcelain enamel, “shippo” enamel, and “urushi” lacquer and will now introduce a tasty Presage model with a dial made from a traditional Japanese snack: “senbei” or Japanese rice cracker.



The path to production, walked by Seiko engineers hand-in-hand with a highly skilled “senbei” artisan—was a challenge without compromise, the company describes. “They struggled to find the ideal combination of rice and soy sauce to give the dial its rich-taste and a grill temperature for perfect dial color. Yet through long trial and error, this watch was born,” Seiko adds.



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