Lebois & Co to become “most personal luxury watch brand in the world” after crowdfunding acceptance


Watch brand Lebois & Co says it can become the “most personal luxury watch brand in the world” after gaining acceptance to crowdfunding platform Eureeca.com.

The watch brand detailed how it would like to use equity-based crowdfunding to attract investors and watch enthusiasts and make them part of the brand family.

Eureeca is regulated in multiple markets and only accepts campaigns after a comprehensive review and is regarded as one of the most successful and popular platforms in the world.

In addition to the advantages of being able to acquire watches from high-quality mechanical series at reduced prices as an investor, shareholders also benefit from the company’s growth and even have the opportunity to be active on the brand’s advisory board.

The capital of the investors will flow into the expansion of the collection, plus marketing and further development of the brand, which was first founded in 1934 and re-emerged in 2014 under new management.

After the successful Avantgarde and Venturist chronometer collections, Lebois is working on a Heritage Chronograph based on historical models the brand has in possession.

Also new is the Lebois & CoLAB initiative, a development laboratory in which watch enthusiasts come together for the first time and design a watch together.

Tom van Wijlick, founder and CEO, said: “We want to be the most personal watch brand – in this case, crowdfunding is the only feasible way of integrating people deeply into our project.

“With our CoLAB we are consistently thinking ahead that people today want to be part of a brand experience instead of just the owner of an interchangeable product.”

In a video on Eureeca.com, the Lebois CEO went on to discuss a goal of being able to sell up to 10,000 watches per year in the future – with an average price of €2,500 each.



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