Laings looks to build social media community through Instagram


Laings has unveiled a new social platform, Laings Watches, where it will share stories through pictures and videos of its new and pre-owned watches.

@LaingsWatches on Instagram will showcase a range of the luxury watches it sells, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer and Omega.

Today Laings Watches has a video on how to change the length of a Rolex bracelet and a story on its pre-owned watch offer.

“We’ve created this interactive platform to share our passion for high-quality luxury watches with like-minded individuals,” says Stuart McDowell, retail director at Laings.

“Whether you’re just beginning your journey and researching your first timepiece, or if you’re completely fluent in the language of horology, Laings Watches is a place for anyone with an interest in timepieces to join and celebrate the magnificence of high-quality watchmaking,” he adds.

Laings hopes the Instagram service will connect with watch enthusiasts on a more personal level. Their followers are encouraged to collaborate with them and engage with the content, building a community of watch fans, and giving them a place to connect with one another, the Glasgow-based luxury jeweller suggests.



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