Klokers returns to Kickstarter to introduce its non-conformist Klok-08


Fledgling French watch business Klokers will return to Kickstarter in October to launch its latest model.

The Klok-o8 will be available for pre-order by supporters on the crowdfunding platform for €149 instead of €379 when they go on sale.

The success of its crowdfunding efforts has also made Klokers a desirable brand for UK retailers, who can source it from agent Ryder Brands. Berry’s and Jura Watches are already stockists. “We exhibited at Top Drawer last week which was very positive for the brand,” says Mark Ryder, owner of Ryder Brands. “We see the brand appealing to the design conscious customer who is looking for something different, rather than based on brand name, and they are attracted to the style of the watch. Top Drawer seemed to back this up with the interest we generated,” he adds.


The Klok-08 pays tribute to the Sixties from where it inherited the spirit and aesthetic codes, the company says.

The 1960s was a time for non-conformists, and this is conveyed in the watch by the unusual way it displays the time.

The dial is composed of two disks: one disk for hours and minutes, and one for seconds. These disks display the time on a vertical line at the top of the dial. Flying in the face of convention, the disks turn counter-clockwise to indicate the time the right way up.

The 39mm unisex watch comes in white and rose gold, black and beige, or warm grey and orange.





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